Swindon businesses and individuals have chosen Platinum Security Ltd to supply a range of professional security services across a range of sectors. Our experienced staff and extensive knowledge of this industry means we can provide the best protection and the best solutions for a wide variety of businesses and events.

We tailor our security provisions to your exact requirements in consultation with you, to ensure you get the best security solution. We continue to work in partnership with you so that as your business develops and grows over time, we adapt and provide optimal solutions to safeguard your business and your customers.

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Pubs, Clubs, Hotels & Private Parties 

Door Security Supervisors

Our door security staff, also known as Door Supervisors, Door Men Or Bouncers are SIA licenced and are handpicked due to their skills, experience and training, often coming from a military or Police background or are industry professionals.

Our door security staff undergo regular and continued professional development in physical intervention and first-aid training. Our Door Security Supervisors are responsible for maintaining the safety of both customers and staff at pubs, bars, nightclubs and other licensed premises or public events. They ensure access rules are enforced such as age appropriate access, checking identification and dress codes are adhered to, as well as making certain the maximum capacity for the venue is maintained.

Our door staff are always on the look out to prevent situations that may become difficult, identifying, assessing and controlling threats. They always strive to step in early to diffuse any heightened behaviour in a respectful and safe manner.

We review and adapt our provision of Door Security Staff to support your business as it grows.


Our door supervisors are:

  • Vetted to BS7858
  • Fully DBS Checked
  • SIA Licensed
  • Fully Insured
  • Trained in Conflict Management, First Aid, Drug Awareness, Security Procedures and Intervention Techniques
  • Induction Trained to Specific Venue
  • Supported by a Dedicated Operations Team

VIP high-risk, high-profile  individuals

Close Protection & Personal Security

Whatever the reason for needing a personal protection or a security guard you can be assured that we have highly trained and experienced close protection staff to provide discreet or overt security depending on your requirements. Our personal security operatives often come from military backgrounds or are ex-police officers who are used to working closely with high-risk, high-profile or VIP individuals to keep you safe. They are highly trained, disciplined male and female security guards who will ensure your safety whilst maintaining privacy and discretion.

  • Vetted to BS7858
  • SIA Licensed
  • DBS Checked
  • Trained in Conflict Management, First Aid, Security Procedures & Intervention Techniques
  • Male and Female Security Guards
  • VIP Close Protection
  • Overt or Discrete to Meet Your Requirements

Festivals, Music Concerts, Sports Events, Private Parties

Event Security

We have provided event security for many events locally and in the South of England. Our Event security staff focus on ensuring the event is safe and security is maintained for the audience and guests throughout the event as well as reducing the risk of damage to the venue to keep the clear up costs to a minimum.

What does Event Security include?

  • Crowd Planning and Management
  • Access and Entry Searches
  • Ticket and Wristband Checks
  • Stage Security
  • Escorting VIPS and Artists
  • Supervision of Licensed Areas
  • Perimeter Patrols
  • Campsite Patrols
  • Car Park Marshalling
  • Event Stewarding

Deterring and detecting potential threats

RST Residential Security Teams

RST protect properties and possessions from theft or vandalism and keep families feeling safe and secure. Our RST operatives offer 24/7 protection to deter criminal activity and take action if needed. Our SIA operatives are highly trained, disciplined male and female guards who will ensure your safety whilst maintaining privacy and discretion.

Building Sites & housing Developments

The cost of replacing machinery and materials can be a huge expense, so protecting the machines and equipment that are on a building site will not only prevent loss of goods, but also the loss of time in replacing or repairing equipment.

From Manor houses and estates to large building sites we provide a tailored service to suit your requirements.

  • 24/7 SIA Licensed Guards
  • Boundary Patrols
  • Estate Protection, Manor House & Mansions
  • Building Site & Housing Developments
  • CCTV Monitoring